Thursday, January 12, 2017

Faces of some of the men and associated with the Fort Amanda Story (and their relatives) 


Daniel Arnold, Brother of Private Benedict Arnold (no, not THE Benedict Arnold)

Lewis Bayley 
(Private in Hosbrooks company)

George Bowman 
(Private in Hosbrooks company)

 Payton Bristows's son

Henry Bristows Sister-in-law

Baxter Broadwell's son

Jacob Coblentz son

Daniel Hosbrook 
(Captain at Ft. Amanda)

George Matthew's Grandson

William Quintaince 
(Private in Hosbrooks Company)

Peter Westerfield's brother, Aaron Westerfield

Isaac Covalts sister-in-law

Major Thomas Bodly 
Kentucky Militia Quartermaster

Alexander Bourne

General Green Clay
(Kentucky militia)

Leslie Combs
(Captain of Spies)

Col. Daniel Garrard
(Kentucky militia)

Col. William Jennings
(Captain at Ft. Jennings)

John Weller's son
(Schillinger stayed at his fathers home while traveling to and from Amanda)

John Hosbrook, 
(son of Captain Daniel Hosbrook)

The Ages of the "boys" at Fort Amanda

The following are names of Ft. Amanda veterans who I've compiled short bios of.  I wanted to see what the average age of the men was so I compiled the following list.   This does not include men at Jennings, Wapakoneta or Defiance.  Turns out the average of the Ft. Amanda soldiers e I have bios for is 28 years old.  I then deducted the men who were 35 or older and it dropped the average age of the soldiers to 22.

Thompson Ward 26        Captain
James Ward 18
Squire Osborn 20
Morgan Osborn 19
Joseph Norman 40
Joseph Norman jr. 18
Benedict Arnold 20
Lewis Bayley 29
John Bonebreak 24
George Bowman 20
Jacob Bradbury  30         Sergeant
Elisha Bridges 25
Henry Bristrow 26
Peyton Bristrow 24
Baxter Broadwell 25        Sergeant
George Brumbaugh 25
John Burris 50
John Carter  40
Josiah Clawson 38
Jacob Coblentz 20
Jacob Coffman 22
Isaac Covalt 20
Charles Craycraft 30
Moses Crist 41
Joseph Davis 31        Sergeant
Ichabod Gilman 21
Bailey Gough 38
Andrew Gray 27
John Hamilton 19
James Heaton 34
Daniel Hosbrook 28        Captain
James Humphrey 18
Robert Irwin   23
Archibald Job 29
Joseph John 19
Daniel Kain 40        Commander
John Kerchival 51
Paul Kester 53
Christopher Kiger 21
John Knott 33
John Landon 19
John Leming 31
Jacob Lighty  23
Jonathan Markland  22
Moses McGaw 23
William Morris 36
William Neville 28
Jacob Overholser 43
William Patterson 45
Adam Pigman  24
William Quaintance 28
William Ramsey 37        Captain
William Schillinger 31        Ensign
Henry Shetterly 22
Joab Shinn   21
Robert Smith 17
Mark Strickland 22
John Studebaker 26
Lawrence Swing 23        Sergeant
Uriah Tebow 31
Leo Tiberghein 28
Cornelius VanAusdal 30
David VanWinkle 43        Sergeant
James Warbington 17
Peter Westerfield 22
Henry Woodhouse 30
Daniel Woodworth 22
Aver. 28

Average age after deducting those over 35 = 22