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Fort Amanda - A Historical Redress
1790 - 1814   


Chapter 1:       The Beginning of the Fort Amanda Story.                                     
                              A Gruesome Gift
                              The First Campaign (1790
                              The Second Campaign (1791)
                               The Hounds of Hell Are Released
                              The Aftermath

Chapter 2:       The Third Campaign.                                                                                   
                              Legionville (1792-93)
                              The Flotilla Departs
                              Hobson’s Choice
                              Marching Orders
                              Long Range Planning
                              Accident or Attempted Murder?
                              A Deserter?
                              Did Wilkinson Plot to Kill Wayne?
                              On to Grand Glaize
                              Rule #1 –Never Go Into Battle On An Empty Stomach!
                              Who Blinks First
                              Embarrassment and Humiliation
                              Search and Destroy
                              Winter of 1794-95

Chapter 3:      Laying the Groundwork for Fort Amanda.                                     
                              On to the Auglaize
                              Was Head of Auglaize the Predecessor to Fort Amanda?
                              Whatever Happened to Robert Newman and General Wilkinson?
                              Was Newman a Deserter or Wayne’s Spy
                              Tensions Continue to Mount

Chapter 4:       The War of 1812.                                                                               
                              While They’re Busy Lets Invade Canada
                              Things They Probably Didn’t Teach You in History Class
                              A Three-Prong Attack to Capture Canada
                              Ironic Twist of Fate
                              Doomed From the Beginning
                              Riding the Rails
                              We Need Help

Chapter 5:       Calling Up the Boys from Kentucky.                                                           
                              Fort Amanda’s Builder
                              The Rendezvous
                              Walking Across the Ohio River (Literally)
                              Pay Advances
                              A Sense of Urgency

Chapter 6: Construction (Phase I).
                              Stockade Walls
                              Why Do Logs of Stockade Walls Appear Tapered?
                              Setting the Pickets in Place
                              Pogue’s Fort
                              Boat Construction
                              Letter from Home
                              Bullets and Bayonets / Buttons and Thread
                              Fully Operational
                              Frozen In At Camp Ellen

Chapter 7: Tragedy in the Making.
                              Another Horrendous Massacre

Chapter 8:       The Journal.                                                                                      
                              The Ohio Militia Called To Active Duty

Chapter 9:       Schillinger’s Journey to Fort Amanda.                                           
                              Preachers, Conscientious Objectors and Stagecoach Drivers
                              Hire a Substitute
                              No Front Teeth?  Can’t Use You
                              Selecting the Non-Coms
                              No Valentine for His Sweetheart?

Chapter 10:     Pick up Your Rations, We’re Heading North.                                            
                              We Really Don’t Like Each Other’
                              A Very Close Call
                              Here We Go Again
                              Meanwhile at Fort Meigs
                              Excitement, Exhilaration, Apprehension and Reflection
                              The Hollow Square
                              An Ingenious Solution to a Royal Pain in the A**

Chapter 11:      The Arrival.                                                                                       
                              The Commons
                              Time to Celebrate, We’re Going Home
                              Now it’s Our Turn to Celebrate

Chapter 12:     Construction Phase II Begins.                                                         
                              Footprint of Pogue's Fort (Phase I)
                              Chef Schillinger
                              Not As Easy As It Looks
                              Guard Duty
                              I’m The New Sub
                              The Smokehouse
                              Too Dangerous or Too Lazy?                 
                              Back Home in Kentucky
                              Seems Not Everyone Was Impressed
                              Trenching Begins For the New Walls
                              Recycling 1813 Style
                              This Place Really Stinks!
                              Turn In Your Expanse Account

Chapter 13:    The Fifth Blockhouse.                                                                                  
                              Roofing, Shingles and Weight Poles
                              Storage Sheds
                              Was the Fifth Blockhouse Fort Amanda’s General Store?
                              Soup for Captain Hosbrook
                              Cause for Alarm
                              Not Even One Gottcha?
                              Phase II – Work Timeline
                              Bringing in the Prisoners

Chapter 14:     Getting Ready For a Very Special Visitor.                                      
                               Ooooooo!  That’s Gotta Hurt
                              Why All the Fuss?
                              A Dignitary Goes AWOL
                              General William Henry Harrison Arrives At Fort Amanda
                              The Auglaize Armada
                              Another Sense of Urgency

Chapter 15:     The Fort Amanda Munitions Factory.                                            
                              Making the Deadly Missiles
                              The Musket
                              Loading and Firing a Musket
                              Dress Up Time
                              Good Friday
                              No Easter egg Hunt Today
                              Making and Filling Barrels and Casks
                              No Favoritism Here
                              The Boogie Man
                              Another Close Call
                              Let Them Eat Cake
 Chapter 16:                Frontier Medicine.                                                                             
                              Blood Letting
                              The Dangers of Blood Letting

Chapter 17:                 The British Are Coming.  The British Are Coming.                                   
                              Dead Men Walking
                              Something Else They May Not Have Taught You in History Class
                              The Dangers of a Slit Trench Sink
                              “Where Were The Toilets at Fort Amanda Located?”
                              In Search of the Fort Amanda Toilets
                              A Shot for a Shot

Chapter 18:     Dudley’s Massacre.                                                                          
                              Deserter, Civic Minded Individual, or Both?
                              The Worst Was Yet To Come
                              Halt Who Goes There?
                              Trouble in Wapakoneta
                              Sir, My Regiment No Longer Exists
                              More Desertions: “A Noted Fiddler and a Shoemaker”
                              Farmers Market at Fort Amanda

Chapter 19:     Home on Furlough.                                                                          
                              Meanwhile at Fort Winchester
                               A Death at Fort Amanda
                               Hey!  Where Is Everyone?
                              Lonesome Schillinger
                              A Touch of Sarcasm
                              Making Tarts
                              One of the Forts Builders Returns
                              It Was Just Not Private Neville’s Day

Chapter 20:    The Dreaded Measles
                               Lots and Lots of Biscuits, Bacon and Booze
                              A Headboard for the Murry Grave
                              The Epidemic Begins
                              Did Ensign Schillinger Have a Sense of Humor?
                              Court Marshal
                              Too Sick To Celebrate the 4th

Chapter 21:           Murder.                                                                                             
                              The Incident
                              Was Chief Black Hoof Jailed At Fort Amanda
                              Crisis Averted
                              A Sad Day at Fort Winchester
                              Dropping off the Prisoners Then We’re Going Home
                              Only 2 or 3 Men Healthy Enough For Duty
                              Weather Conditions (Feb.5 – Aug. 6, 1813)
                              War Trophy
                              You Call Those Gardens
                              The British at Fort Amanda
                              Did Schillinger Talk With the British Soldier?
                              Fort Meigs - The Second Siege
                              Good News and Bad News
                              A Little More Than a Flesh Wound

Chapter 22:      Goin’ Home.                                                                                      
                              Happy Birthday Captain Hosbrook
                              Oh No Not Again
                              Home Sweet Home
                              It Isn’t Over Yet

Chapter 23:     Closing Fort Amanda.                                                                                  
                              Militia Troops in the Field (1812–1816)
                              Civilians in the Old Fort
                              The Man Looks Completely Insane
                              Heading to the Frontier
                              A Good Businessman with a Sound Business Plan
                              Life as a Missionary
                              Attitude toward God’s Creatures
                              Death and Obituary
                              The 1915 Monument Dedication
                              Reunion of Descendants of Fort Amanda Veterans
                              Special Projects

Appendix I      Biographies – The Men and Women of the Fort Amanda
Appendix II    Militia Company Rosters.
Appendix III  Robert and Jane (Hopkins) Pogue. 
Appendix IV   Ensign William Schillinger.                                                             
Appendix V     Lieutenant Joseph Davis.                                                                
Appendix VI   Charles Murry and Captain Enoch Dawson                                               
Appendix VII  Amanda Pogue.                                                                                
Appendix VIII Fort Logan (Theory)                                                                         
Appendix IX   Did Anthony Wayne Build a Post on the Auglaize? (Theory)                   
Appendix X    Anthony Wayne’s Death and Burial.                                                           
Appendix XI   Fort Amanda’s Original Footprint? (Theory)                                              
Appendix XII Artifacts.                                                                                            
Appendix XIII Graves of the 75 Unknown Soldiers.